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by Saturday, 29 May 2021The Birdie Blog

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UPDATE: Grant closed on 31 May 2021 only a few hours after it opened and with 3,000 applicants.

Imagine, you are a hairdresser with a fairly pretty website but a search for hairdressers in your area reveals you are on page 11 of Google –  behind some outstanding dog groomers. How much business are you missing? A new website built with search engines in mind is likely to pull you closer to the front page.


If your website is not attractive to customers, and fails to get them thinking about using your services, you will be missing business opportunities. If your business is hard to find on Google, (or Bing or elsewhere) you are definitely missing out on business opportunities.


Need an effective website? Heard of the Queensland Government’s Business Basics Grants? Applications open on 31 May 2021 and close by 30 June 2021 (or when enough applications have been received for a competitive assessment – whichever comes first). If you have been considering getting a website built or feel like your site could do with a renovation, or you aren’t being found by search engines, these could be the grants for you. No guarantees, this is a competitive grants program – worth a try though?


Increasing your online presence needs more than a pretty website and lots of attractive images. Google and other search engines need to be able to find you and rank you, for you to show up in a customer’s search.


An effective website contributes to your business development if it is built using a holistic approach. Our websites integrate with your branding (or we can assist with rebranding), they are engaging for your customers, easy to navigate, safe to use and designed to be found by search engines.


We offer a complimentary assessment to help you identify your website design and development and/or strategic online marketing needs, at any time. If you are interested in applying for the Business Basics Grant, we can also help you tackle the relevant parts of the application and provide a detailed quote to include with your submission. Of course, you will need to determine your eligibility and manage your application – the program does not accept third party submissions – so please make sure you have read the guidelines and other information about the Business Basic Grants.


Contact us for a complimentary assessment or more information about website design and development.

DISCLAIMER/SERIOUS BIT: Remember to check the application guidelines & terms and conditions of the Queensland Government Business Basics Grants Program available at www.business.qld.gov.auNo guarantees are made about the potential success of applicants to the Business Basics Grants Program. This grant program is competitively assessed. Not all applications will be funded.

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