Digital marketing and websites for tradies

Quality reliable websites for tradies. Generate leads and increase sales with a professional online presence. SEO (search engine optimisation) to help you get found and rank on Google. Increase exposure of your business/brand/products online.
Reliable websites for tradies

Customers look for websites for tradies

A professional website lets potential customers find information about your services, rates, and experience. Most small to medium-sized business owners feel they should have a website but may not fully understand what a well-designed site can do for them or who they should contact, or trust, to get one.

In the current climate, with plenty of work, some tradies feel like they don’t need a site. However, in this digital age, people expect to find tradie websites.

Tradie website design

What does a website do for a tradie business?

Tradie websites as a landing place

A website can act like an online business card or a brochure. This is very useful if you have word-of-mouth referrals or people following Facebook or Instagram ads looking for a place to check your credentials and see if you look professional.

Website hosting and maintenance

Websites that manage business processes

A website can help you manage your business, for example, through contact forms, booking arrangements, purchasing methods, as well as backend monitoring of traffic, engagement and conversions.

Digital marketing for tradies

SEO and marketing strategy

Websites perform even better when they do the above and also function as a key aspect of your marketing campaigns and strategies. Most tradies do business within a local area – it might be a big area – but it is local. That means you want to be found by people looking for tradies near them.

So, a tradie website design should take this into account. Tradie websites should include search engine optimisation (SEO) that helps Google and other search engines find them. Specifically, they should include local SEO – a structure and information that helps you get found.

Deliver leads

Source of revenue

Beyond that, websites for tradies can be listed in directories, connected to relevant social media platforms, and linked to other quality businesses and websites. There may even be opportunities for monetisation of the site itself.

Website design and custom solutions

Investing in online marketing

True, a high-quality website comes at a cost. It is an investment (and quite possibly tax-deductible). How often do you quote a job and have someone’s eyes widen at the price? It happens to us too. However, in the same way, that you have done your time and know what you are doing, your web designer has done the same.

Considering the hosting, security, and technical aspects, the maintenance required, and the potential gains of a website, they are more affordable than you might think. And they help find more leads to make you more money.

SEO packages

Comparative marketing costs

In terms of bang for your marketing buck, web design is a great option.  Many business owners don’t consider a website as a marketing tool but more as a ‘what we do’ pamphlet. In reality, websites are the single best tool for getting found – so long as they are done well.

If you’re looking at building your business, we bet that you have either explored getting a vehicle wrapped or actually done it.

More people Google tradies

Vehicle wraps vs websites for tradies


How much did you get quoted for a vehicle wrap? $3,000? $5,000? $8,000? For argument’s sake, let’s go with $5,000. For that price, you’ll probably get a cool graphic on most of your ute, with your phone number, website (if you’ve got one), business name, and logo. It looks pretty good! 

A couple of staff and a couple of vehicles, and you are spending tens of thousands of dollars on wraps.

Unless you need a highly complex site with a considerable amount of content or shopping capability, you can have a website and pay about the same price, and probably less, than a four-wheel-drive vehicle wrap.

Stand out from competitors


But how many people will see it? The same group of cars travelling on the M1? Maybe 50 in a trip. How many of those will remember your business name or your phone number after their journey? How many will retain your contact details a month after you drove past them when their bathroom flooded at 7 am? None.

We can almost guarantee that at 7 am, your potential customer is going to get online and Google “plumber near me”, “plumber Brisbane” or “emergency plumber”. And Google’s algorithm will send them a list of tradie services on the first page of results that best answers the question.

Tradie website packages


Vehicle wraps have their place. They look professional, and they can generate leads. But when your customers are ‘Googling’, your fleet of wrapped utes is worth just a fraction of your new website.

Consider this: the term ‘plumber near me’ was searched on average 2,900 times per month over the last twelve months by people in Brisbane. The word ‘plumber Brisbane’ was searched 1,500 times, and variations of ’emergency plumber’ were searched over 500 times. 

If your business manages to convert only 2% of those customers, you’re still getting 98 new customers in that month. Suppose each of those customers pays $600 for plumbing that’s around $60,000. Imagine knowing that and not having a high-performing website optimised for local searches. 

Marketing for trade

Professional websites for tradies or DIY?

Easy online website builders

Since you’ve found us, you’ve probably found out about website builder options like Squarespace, Weebly, or Wix. All of these make it look like building a website is easily done – just a few steps and publish. While these are cheap options for first-time business owners who are just starting out, established tradie businesses deserve better.

Online services

Websites that work

Tradies, and their customers, need security, functionality, and SEO. Your website should help clients understand your business, establish credibility and generate leads. You need more than an online poster.

Everyone knows that tradies are capable of lots of DIY, but if you are time-poor with competing priorities, fighting with an unresponsive contact form may be a bit much – not to mention the lost leads.

When you’re considering a website for your business, you need someone who knows what they are doing.

Tradie website design

Website design professionals

Quality digital agencies don’t just design websites to make them look pretty. They consider the purpose, the structure, the security, the functions, and its ‘findability’ as well as the appeal.
They take care of content creation based on your input. They can manage your hosting, maintenance services, look after SEO, tie into your marketing campaigns, and help you stand out from competitors.

Process more leads

Quality web design for any stage of business

It doesn’t matter where you are starting from.

Starting from scratch

You might not have a brand. You might not know how to get a domain name – or what that really means. Maybe you just have some business cards from a cheap, cheerful supplier.

A quality digital agency can meet you where you are and work on a website strategy to take you online and grow from there. They should be prepared to start small and scale with you.

Professional website packages

Need a renovation or an extension

Of course, you may have a website already. Many people would like to change something, even if it is cosmetic. Some need a site to do more.

Need a new partner

Sometimes they just aren’t happy with their current website designer and developer.

Need help

Perhaps the technical challenges are getting too much, or you have other priorities, like invoicing.

Trade business

A website customised for your business

At Little Fat Birdie, our Brisbane-based team specialises in foundational elements like server-side operations and website design for user experience and sound business management.

Online marketing and ads

WordPress and premium plugins

We’re professional WordPress website builders. WordPress is a content management system behind 43% of the internet, including Fortune 500 companies like Disney, Spotify, and Air BnB. We use premium plugins that are developed by experts and well-maintained.

Tradie business

Focussed on your needs

If you are taking the plunge into the world of online solutions, you will want to be backed by a team that understands your requirements and is focused on your niche area – tradies in Brisbane.

Marketing campaign for trade

What we do for you

Work with you

At Little Fat Birdie, we offer bespoke, professional web design at competitive prices. Our team of designers has extensive industry knowledge and a blend of organisational development and management experience. We work closely with our clients, ensuring their website design project meets their requirements and supports their goals.  

Digital marketing for trade

Work for you

We’ll listen to you, identify your needs, and provide advice and options. We will deliver a new website, or a renovated website, that works for you!

Google ads for trade

Work to keep up

We start with a plan that integrates with your business – a website has to fit with what you do outside the site itself. We implement it successfully through web technologies. We’re constantly assessing the latest trends and tech to ensure our website design is up to date and secure.

Social media for tradies

In summary

When it comes to tradie websites, you need a team that knows what they’re doing. Website design professionals will take care of everything from content creation to hosting and SEO, ensuring your website is reliable and effective.

At Little Fat Birdie, our Brisbane-based team specialises in WordPress website design and development, using premium plugins and technologies to deliver a website that is tailored to your needs.

We work closely with our clients to ensure their website meets their requirements and supports their business goals. So, if you’re looking for a tradie website that is reliable, effective and looks great, get in touch with Little Fat Birdie today!

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