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The Little Fat Birdie team was responsible for developing Rylee Baisden’s website after interviewing Rylee, surveying potential customers and competition, and reviewing Rylee’s existing social media platforms to create branding inline with Rylee’s vision. & Little Fat Birdie - A website development case study


Rylee Baisden is a professional soccer athlete and personal trainer who wanted to create an online fitness community where her clients could access her materials, learn about fitness, and ultimately share her own online journey. Rylee contacted Little Fat Birdie in late 2020 and within a couple of months, the website was launched.

Rylee’s website also needed to be an e-commerce site so that she could sell downloadable products as well as provide people with the option to sign up for coaching. Rylee also needed the ability to upload high quality videos to drive sales to her personal coaching offerings.

The Little Fat Birdie team was responsible for developing Rylee Baisden’s online presence after interviewing Rylee, surveying potential customers and competition, and reviewing Rylee’s existing social media platforms to create branding inline with Rylee’s vision.

A hosting account was provided by our one of our suppliers – FastComet – that met Rylee’s needs, including: the ability to handle any amount of traffic and a great support team. Rylee’s website was built on a paid theme that could be adapted to Rylee’s needs while being easily editable. Rylee wanted to have an online blog, where she could share stories about fitness along with tips and tricks.

Website development case study - Rylee Baisden

A clear intention is critical

Rylee’s intention was clear when we interviewed her about creating her own website and her business goals.

“I wanted to create a like-minded community focused on fitness, so I started an online platform that can help people feel healthier and happier. I also want to encourage people to be active through exercise. I want to teach people that they can workout at home, and not spend money on a gym membership if they do not want to. The best part about it is that is simple to use. My e-book is great for people who are busy, or can’t afford to go out and buy weights or machines. No matter if you are a full-time athlete or not, everyone deserves to be fit, healthy and happy.”

– Rylee Baisden

The features of

A clear intention is critical to Rylee’s website. The Little Fat Birdie team worked with Rylee to provide this online fitness community where Rylee could share her tips and tricks about being fit, healthy and happy.

We built to include the following list of features.

Rylee Baisden - ecommerce, membership, ebook site

Custom branding

Rylee wanted the ability to add her own custom banner image, change website colours and upload custom backgrounds on both desktop and mobile browser views. Rylee also wanted the ability to add her own logo, set different font styles, and personalise all text. We uploaded her custom graphics and conducted a branding walkthrough. was branded to Rylee’s exact vision.

Custom website branding - Rylee Baisden Web Design Case Study


Rylee needed to be reliable so that she could always focus on fitness rather than worrying about the website being down. Rylee also wanted the site speed performance to not only be lightning fast but also stable. We organised hosting with one of our favourite suppliers, FastComet. FastComet has a 99.99% uptime which we monitor through live tracking. We’ve been able to achieve a 100% uptime during business hours by scheduling maintenance overnight.

Website reliability – Rylee Baisden's confidence with Little Fat Birdie


Rylee wanted an online fitness blog where she could share stories about fitness along with tips and tricks. is built on the WordPress CMS, which Rylee loves using to write her blog posts. Moreover, has built-in SEO tools, so Rylee can focus on writing quality content rather than worrying about how will be indexed within Google. Rylee has the ability to customise her blog posts with different layouts and images to keep things interesting for visitors.

The Rylee Baisden Blog – Search Engine Optimisation by Little Fat Birdie

Testimonials & Portfolio

Rylee needed testimonials that she could use on other social media platforms as well as on is the perfect platform for Rylee to present her portfolio in a clean way that is easy to navigate through. Rylee can upload high-resolution images alongside social media links that visitors can follow Rylee on. Rylee is now using as a portfolio for her online business, including online training and one-on-one coaching packages.

Testimonials for websites to enhance SEO

E-commerce capability

Rylee needed an online store that could be easily updated with new products and Rylee also needed a convenient checkout process. Rylee wanted to have the ability to add product variants and have them available for purchase. Rylee wanted the ability to sell downloadable products as well as offer sign-ups for Rylee Baisden coaching. We used WooCommerce as our online processor which allows Rylee to update product listings from their app.

Ecommerce solutions for digital and downloadable products

Video Hosting needed dedicated video hosting but integrating video can slow down websites. We organised Vimeo hosting to handle Rylee’s video hosting and did not affect the speed and performance of We facilitated consistent branding and styling and developed Rylee’s teaser video.

Simple maintenance

Rylee wanted to be easy for her to manage, therefore all content needed to be easy-to-edit and ready for Rylee to share with fans without having website updates break. Rylee relies on Little Fat Birdie to maintain her website and we can proudly report over 99.99% uptime on Rylee’s site!

Easy website maintenance by Little Fat Birdie


Rylee also wanted to load fast, even on low-bandwidth connections, and be compatible with all browsers and across all devices including mobile phones and tablets. Rylee needed her site to be scalable and load quickly, even during Rylee’s busiest times of the year. is supported through Cloudflare which speeds up by routing website traffic through our globally distributed network of servers instead of’s server.

Integrated Cloudflare with paid maintenance

Our wrap-up of

Rylee has been enjoying the success of since its launch in late 2020 and is already looking at expanding the website’s scope. Rylee runs multiple marketing campaigns throughout each month which means her traffic is consistent. Rylee is seeing more people visit her fitness community every day. Rylee plans to use (and her online presence) to build a positive online fitness identity.

Our key takeaways from are:

  1. Get clear on your intention for the website – it will help you choose features & functionality that are fit for your business goals.
  2. Develop an online blog where you can share stories about fitness along with tips and tricks. Blogs are essential for SEO.
  3. Websites don’t just generate traffic and income, they also improve your branding if implemented correctly.

Head to to check out what we did for Rylee and fill out our contact form below if you like what we’ve done and think we could help too!

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